Dear wine enthusiasts, dear guests and visitors,

We are thrilled that curiosity has brought you to our website, but we hope that won't be all;

come to Minheim, take a break from your stressful daily routine and stop time for a while. Here in our idyllic wine village, you will find all the peace and quiet you need in our guest houses, vacation flats or comfortable caravan sites.

Minheim is known as "Sun Island" for a good reason: surrounded by many vineyards and a beautiful meander of the Moselle River, Minheim is like an island in the sea. Above and beyond that, guests are always warmly welcomed in our community, and usually with a lot of sunlight.

Even if the sun isn't smiling, everyone else will be: many experiences await you here, from cycling tours and romantic walks along the Moselle to a variety of wine celebrations, farm or street festivals where you can shake a leg to fantastic music. Wine taverns and vineyards invite you to treat yourself to excellent food year-round, and to enjoy a few glasses of our extraordinary Moselle wine in the company of Minheim's wine royalty, Katja I., Miriam and Frauke. Thanks to its excellent location, many hours of sunshine, the slate soil typical of the Moselle valley and the hard work of Minheim's winemakers, Moselle wine is a truly special fine wine.

But that's enough talk, all this is best experienced up close and in living colour. Visit us in Minheim, get to know the people, culture and idyllic landscape, and discover for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Minheim's wine royalty Katja I., Miriam and Frauke

Gruppenfoto der Weinhoheiten Minheim